Glasgow Equality Forum

Glasgow Equality Forum (GEF) is a City wide strategic policy forum which brings together representatives of voluntary sector equality networks in Glasgow to encourage better co-operation and cross-sector engagement on equality and human rights issues.

You can act! Campaign for public intervention in racist incidents

CRER anti-racist poster campaign aimed at encouraging the public to intervene in racist incidents.  In Scotland, we hear racism daily on the buses, in taxis, at libraries, doctors’ surgeries, sports clubs, museums and pubs. What do we do about it?

Luminate Festival of creative aging

1st – 31st May

The Luminate Festival 2019 is live!

Showcasing creative events and activities organised with, by and for older people across Scotland. 

Making Links, Moving Forward

This is an exciting time for Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Sector Network (GWVSN).

We are looking forward to working with women across Glasgow to gather ideas about developments they would like to see and to hear about their experiences in their communities.


Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival takes place from 3-26 May 2019, with over 300 events across Scotland exploring the theme of Connected.

Led by the Mental Health Foundation, SMHAF is one of Scotland’s most striking and provocative cultural events, encompassing music, film, theatre, literature, visual arts, dance and creative workshops. By engaging artists, connecting with communities and forming collaborations, SMHAF celebrates the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health problems, explores the relationship between creativity and the mind, and promotes positive mental health and wellbeing. 


Equality Updates Information for Glasgow

Equality updates is an equality and human rights information service for Glasgow.  It is provided by Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, works in partnership with Glasgow Equality Forum, and is funded by Glasgow City Council Integrated Grants Fund.

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