People Make Glasgow Communities: Update by Glasgow Equality Forum

Glasgow Equality Forum represent our members on Glasgow City Council Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community and Citizen Engagement City Policy  Committee (WECCE).

We note the Committee’s Terms of Reference have been amended at a recent full Council meeting to include:

“progress updates on specific action from both Council and Glasgow Life officers on how the People Make Glasgow Communities programme was delivering community empowerment, capacity building and partnership engagement, together with a specific reference to culture, sport and leisure”.

At the WECCE Committee meeting on 27th May 2021 (Committee Information – View Committee Document (, the following motion was passed:

“Council … believes that updates on the future of venues and services should come before that committee urgently, within the next cycle, and regularly thereafter, and that local members should also receive prompt and regular briefings on venues in their wards. Council also agrees to invite representatives of the Save Glasgow Libraries, Glasgow Against Closures groups, local campaigns, and relevant trades unions, to make deputations to the next meeting of the WECCE City Policy Committee at which this is discussed.

The motion continued:

“Council also understands that special delegations from the Board of Culture and Sport Glasgow to its Chief Executive and Chair remain in place some 14 months on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Council agrees to ask the Board of Culture and Sport Glasgow to explain why it believes such delegations are still necessary and appropriate, and when it expects they will no longer be required”.

No date has been set down for next meeting yet, but Committee agree that the additional meeting would take place before summer recess.

GEF wish to welcome the invite to community and campaign groups and consider this to be a really positive development in keeping with the aims of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The Council carry out a range of engagement work with communities, including community councils and people from a range of protected characteristic groups, but these voices are often not heard in the policy development and decision-making structures. We confirm that our members have not been consulted on this policy, and as reps on the WECCE committee are concerned at the of lack of transparency and accountability demonstrated so far.

GEF members look forward to contributing their views at the forthcoming WECCE meeting, especially around the lack of equality impact assessment, and look forward to hearing the evidence brought to committee by community campaign groups.


Figures from Glasgow City Council Presentation on People Make Glasgow Communities Programme

On 19th May 2021: PMGC – Presentation 19 May 21.pdf

EOIs received for Glasgow Life venues 112
EOIs received for GCC owned assets (land and buildings) 42
EOIs received for CGPI owned assets 4
General property enquiries received 47
Organisations/ individuals that only want to be kept informed 41

Breakdown of Interests 246
Interested in a specific property 146
Interested in a specific neighbourhood 50
Interested citywide 50

Breakdown of Interests in specific property 143
Interested in active management of property 96
Interested in use of property 28
Wish to be kept informed 19


Additional Information



“This is an innovative and exciting initiative, with Glasgow City Council leading the way for Scotland in empowering communities to play a greater role in the venues and services that matter to them. Our members – community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises – now have a real opportunity to step up and demonstrate the change that is possible.”