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New Report: Meeting the needs of the LGBTI+ community in Glasgow a review of services provided

Glasgow Equality Forum (GEF) is a City wide strategic policy forum which brings together representatives of voluntary sector equality networks in Glasgow to encourage better co-operation and cross-sector engagement on equality issues.

Glasgow Equality Forum provides strategic and policy expertise, and through the associated equality networks can provide access to wider viewpoints, including opportunities to engage with grassroots community organisations.  Forum members can also provide advice and support on effective community engagement.

Glasgow Equality Forum terms of reference March 2018


Full members:

Glasgow LGBTI Voluntary Sector Network
Glasgow Disability Alliance,
Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Sector Network (co-ordinated by Wise Women),
Glasgow Voluntary Sector Race Equality Network (co-ordinated by CRER).

Associate members:

Faith in Community Scotland,
Age Scotland,
Interfaith Glasgow
Amina MWRC

Quarterly Meetings

  • to raise issues of importance with Community Planning partners such as Glasgow City Council, Glasgow HSCP, Police Scotland and Glasgow Life;
  • to build links across different networks, equality characteristics and agencies and demonstrate good practice of working in partnership together;
  • to provide advice, monitoring and support in relation to community planning partners’ work to implement the Equality Act 2010;
  • to Create a space for community planning partners to engage with and draw on the experience of equality groups to improve the delivery of policies, services and functions.

Events and Public Meetings

GEF feedback to the draft GCC Equality Outcomes 2017 to 2021 (February 2017)


If you would like to find out more information about GEF please contact GEF’s Manager Lorraine Barrie on or 0141 4186530.