Glasgow Community Planning Partnership


Judith Hunter, Principal Officer (Equalities), Chief Executive’s Dept, Partnership & Development Services, Room 4.07, 40 John St, Glasgow G1 1JL @Glasgowcpp

The Partnership

The Partnership is made up of a number of key public, private and community organisations with a Glasgow-wide responsibility or interest. Many of the organisations are required by law to participate in community planning and each one is represented at the highest executive level.

The Glasgow Community Planning Partnership Strategic Board consists of the following organisations:

Other Community Planning structures in Glasgow;

GCPP Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF)


Partners have identified three underlying principles to follow in implementing the priorities outlined in the SOA, namely equalities, sustainability and early intervention.

For equalities, this means that partners are being challenged to ensure that services developed around the outcomes are delivered in such a way as to ensure equality of access and opportunity for all residents.

Over the past 12 months, an Equalities Working Group (EQWG) has reviewed both the citywide and local implementation plans for the SOA to ensure none of these unintentionally discriminate against different communities or equalities groups in the city, and to make equalities specific recommendations to strengthen the delivery of outcomes.

  • One example of an equalities focused response is demonstrated in the Gorbals where Jobs & Business Glasgow and voluntary sector agencies provide an employability service specifically for the Roma community. This project has delivered positive outcomes for clients including achieving formal qualifications, entering education, and securing employment. Since the service began in 2013, 120 clients have achieved a qualification, 114 have secured employment and 67 have entered education. Further engagement via voluntary sector partners is seeking to increase the number of people using the service, particularly among young people.
  • Another example of embedding the principle is taking place via Thriving Places, where partners must ensure that the engagement process is as inclusive as possible. A workshop facilitated by Scottish Refugee Council was delivered in early 2015 targeting those involved in planning Thriving Places, and focused on how to engage with different equalities groups within the community.

An Equality Impact Assessment of the changes to the Integrated Grants Fund (IGF)programme was conducted in 2014 to assess the potential impact of changes to services and outcomes on specific communities and groups in the city.  A training programme will be provided to IGF funded organisations in future to help them carry out their own assessments of how the work funded by IGF helps to challenge inequality.

Broad partnership working is key to delivering our equalities principle and a participative approach with communities is also important so the CPP continues to support the Glasgow Equality Forum (a network of Equalities organisations and community groups).

Equalities Working Group (EQWG)

GCPP Officers Equalities Committee