Glasgow Disability Alliance


Tressa Burke

Tel: 0141 556 7103


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Our mission is to act as the collective, representative voice of disabled people in Glasgow, promoting equality, rights and social justice.

GDA embraces the social model of disability which places responsibility on the organisation of society for the exclusion of and discrimination against disabled people.

GDA is committed to:

  • Challenging and overcoming discrimination, disadvantage and exclusion
  • Promoting involvement and disability-led, democratic action
  • Empowering disabled people to influence and direct positive changes to improve the lives of disabled people in Glasgow
  • Partnership Working

Our Aims are:

  • To represent views, wishes and opinions of grassroots disabled people and provide disability expertise on various influential working groups and forums
  • To increase opportunities for involvement and participation of disabled people for example in relation to policy making and service design and delivery
  • To provide support to member organisations and individuals so that they input effectively and have greater influence in this process
  • To encourage and maximise networking between disabled people, their organisations and policy makers
  • To provide information in accessible formats to disabled people in Glasgow
  • To provide programmes of capacity building and support for individuals and disability-led groups and organisations within Glasgow
  • To provide advocacy for disabled people in Glasgow

The organization began with a small group of disabled people who were fed up being ignored by policy makers and felt excluded from civil and political participation in the city. A city-wide organization was set up to challenge such exclusion and discrimination by bringing together both individuals and groups of disabled people. It was felt that we could enable disabled people to develop the skills and confidence to become a powerful voice by providing training and support. This would ensure that we were listened to and would no longer be invisible.

Membership now stands at 268, this includes 22 groups led by disabled people as well as individual disabled people in Glasgow. Members also comprise organisations and partner agencies who support our aims and these have associate membership status. We have representatives on Glasgow Access Panel, Inclusion Scotland and on Glasgow’s Equality Network Forum.