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Helen Maclean, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Glasgow Life, 220 High Street, Glasgow G4 0QW

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Glasgow Life delivers cultural, sporting and learning services for Glasgow’s communities. It runs libraries, museums, leisure facilities, art venues, concert halls, and community centres across the city and organises family, cultural and sporting events.

Equality and Diversity Aims

To promote equality of opportunity in Glasgow by ensuring that our services and venues are welcoming to all; allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of culture, sport, reading and learning in their lives.

Our Equality and Diversity Action Plan is designed to reduce barriers that prevent people accessing or services, including those who are experiencing poverty and those in protected characteristic groups as designated by the Equality Act 2010.

Equality and Diversity Action Plan


Glasgow is Scotland’s largest and most diverse city: over 100 different languages are spoken, life expectancy differs across the city with those living in the most affluent areas outliving people in the most disadvantaged communities( by 15years in the case of men and 11 years for women) and one third of our children are growing up poverty. We are not all the same. We need different things, but we all rightly want and expect great public services.

Glasgow Life provides a huge range of services for people living, working, studying or visiting Glasgow. We manage every kind of venue across the city from international sporting, cultural and heritage destinations to facilities in the heart of local communities.

We do this because we believe that culture, sport and learning are profoundly life affirming and life changing. Our services help people to keep fit and healthy – mentally and physically. They help promote trust, understanding and empathy among people with different identities, values and experiences. They also help make Glasgow a place where people want to visit and in which companies want to invest.

We also employ 2,500 people and purchase millions of pounds of goods and services from local, national and international suppliers to help us deliver our services.

Glasgow Life plays a major role in the life of the city.

The size, scale and complexity of what we do means that what we do and how we do it has a big effect on the people that use our service and the organisations with whom we work. That’s why our approach to equalities and diversity needs to be fundamental to everything we do. It’s not an add-on.

We need to ensure our workforce represents the diversity of the city and our services are accessible and welcoming to everyone.

We need to be a great place to work where talented people get opportunities to progress.

We need to work with the city’s communities and partner organisations to ensure that our services are used and valued by all of Glasgow’s citizens.

It’s now the law, it makes great business sense, and it’s the right thing to do.

Everyone in Glasgow Life has a part to play. The action plan which follows sets out how we will begin this process.

Read the Plan: Equality and Diversity Action Plan