THRE – Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities

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Tel: 0141 572 1140

THRE – Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities, is a new nationwide project led by GCVS in partnership with HTSI and EVOC.

We are working with Scotland’s Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) to develop resources, training and networks to support third sector organisations towards taking a human rights and equalities first approach to their organisational development and delivery.

We will also be working to give organisations and individuals the skills to become human rights and equalities champions, allowing the sector as a whole to better challenge inequalities and make a positive difference.

THRE aims to act as a bridge connecting Scotland’s innovative and thriving third sector to the country’s existing internationally recognised human rights and equalities sector and help to deliver the Scottish Government’s vision for a Scotland that is inclusive, free from discrimination, and where the human rights of everyone are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

We have staff based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands who will work with their local TSIs to give the project national reach combined with a local understanding of the needs of the third sector across Scotland.

THRE is funded by The Scottish Government Equality and Human Rights Fund which is managed by Inspiring Scotland.

Meet the team

Aer Nicholson Clasby – Project Manager GCVS Glasgow

Leah Ganley Development Officer HTSI Highlands – North of Scotland lead

Alice Tucker Development Officer EVOC Edinburgh – East of Scotland lead

Kate Henderson and Suki Wan – Development Officers GCVS Glasgow – West of Scotland lead