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Who We Are and What We Do?

Our vision is to work towards a society free from discrimination.  We run a number of diverse and innovative projects which address a gap in service or need amongst minority ethnic communities in the West of Scotland.  West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC) is governed and run by minority ethnic communities in the West of Scotland.  Our key aims are to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, promote human rights and promote good relations between all communities in the West of Scotland and beyond.

Our Organisational Outcomes

  • Reduction in Inequalities and the promotion of Human Rights for people from diverse communities.
  • Diverse communities better enabled to access beneficial services
  • Increased harmony and understanding between all communities.
  • WSREC is a competent multi-equalities and human rights organisation.
  • Increase in organisational enterprise activities

We work closely with minority ethnic communities from across the West of Scotland to identify service needs and gaps and respond to them by delivering short and long term projects which meet these needs. To achieve this we currently undertake the following activities which include:

  1. Living Equality
  2. Roots Scotland
  3. Embrace project
  4. Just Include Me (JIM)
  5. Money Advice Provision
  6. Qurbani (sacrifice) Food Initiative
  7. Minority Ethnic Silver Surfers (MESS)
  8. Lets Cook, Grow and Sew Together (CGS)
  9. Good Community Relations Project (GCRP)
  10. Connecting Communities & Challenging Hate (3CH)
  11. Minority Ethnic Employment and Training Support (MEETS)


  1. Living Equality

The project is funded by the Scottish Government till 30th June 2017

Project Outcomes 

  1. Diverse minority ethnic women across all ‘protected characteristics’ in the West of Scotland Have increased opportunities and better enabled to effectively to participate in the democratic process and civic life.
  2. Public, Voluntary and Community Organisations across urban and rural areas in the West of Scotland better address inequalities in their service provision.


  1. Roots Scotland

The project is funded by Historic Scotland till 31st March 2017

Project Outcomes

The project is to increase knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the historic environment by minority ethnic communities in Scotland. That the minority ethnic communities are more aware of open events being held by Historic Scotland and Historic Scotland as an organisation has an increased understanding and opportunities to inter-trade with minority ethnic communities across Scotland. The wider communities and historic sector are aware of the positive benefits of the project.

  1. Embrace Project

The work is funded by the Big Lottery Fund ‘Young Start’ till November 2016.

Project Outcomes

The project will work to empower and enable young people from the migrant Roma communities in Glasgow from Central and Eastern Europe to be more confident, enterprising and healthy by running a programme of arts and health based activities to reach the different groups of Roma young people (young people of school age and young mothers) to improve the communication and confidence of the young people as well as supporting their acquisition and enjoyment of new skills and enhancing their long term employability opportunities. The programme will be focused at young people and will happen after school, at weekends and during the school holidays.

  1. Just Include Me – Mental Health and Young People

The project is funded Big Lottery ‘Awards For All’ till 28th February 2017

To support disadvantaged young people with experience of poor mental health to produce and run a theatre show exploring issues surrounding mental health in young people and social stigma. We will work closely with disadvantaged young people from diverse minority ethnic background (Roma, Asian, African and New Migrant) from across Glasgow.

  1. Money Advice Provision

WSREC in Partnership with Money Advice Scotland (MAS) provide a drop-in till June 2016 in its offices for Ethnic Minority community to receive money Advice 1 day week from a specialist staff member provided by MAS.

  1. Qurbani (sacrifice) Food Initiative (No funding for this project)

This initiative is about positive information exchange and interfaith understanding between Muslim and indigenous community in particular the poorer members of Glasgow Society. In the 4 years of the initiative a total of 600 kilos of meat has been donated by Glasgow’s Muslim community for the homeless and needy clients of Lodging House Mission.

  1. Minority Ethnic Silver Surfers (MESS)

The project is funded by Glasgow Third Sector Transformation Fund administered by Voluntary Action Fund for one more year to 31st March 2017.

The project will make a positive impact in reducing isolation, increasing the confidence of older people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh however, will not exclude other minority ethnic communities in accessing the service. The project will also promote intergenerational work and also enhance intercultural dialogue.

Project Outcomes

  1. Minority Ethnic Older People – With particular focus on South Asian Communities in Glasgow have increased communication using modern day technology.
  2. Minority Ethnic Older people – with particular focus on South Asian Communities – in Glasgow have increased support to live a more independent life.
  • Individuals are better prepared to work with minority ethnic older people through volunteering
  • Individuals are empowering minority ethnic older people by sharing best practices; enabling minority ethnic older people to connect with the wider world.


Group Training Sessions, Drop in Service for one to one support, Celebration Events held and a regular meetings of the Silver Surfers Club . 

  1. Lets Cook, Grow, and Sew Together

The project is funded by Climate Change Fund for the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017. ‘Let’s Cook, Grow and Sew Together’ project will contribute towards a knowledgeable and responsible minority ethnic communities and reducing carbon emissions, change behaviour and increase health and well being.

  1. Engage with hard to reach minority ethnic groups
  2. Support individuals and households to learn about climate change and its effects.
  3. Active participation through individual and group support.
  4. Introduce easy and effective methods to reduce carbon.
  5. Encourage mainstream services providers in fostering good community relations and bridging the gap with targeted community groups that may not be accessing services previously
  6. Commitment to change behaviour by taking the lower carbon route


  1. Good Community Relations Project

Resourced by the Scottish Government’s Equality Fund until 30th June 2017

Project Outcomes

  1. European and other migrant communities in the West of Scotland have increased their opportunities by challenging negative service and social issues reducing discrimination and isolation.
  2. Minority ethnic communities in the West of Scotland are aware of and challenging hate crime and discriminatory practice.
  3. Minority Ethnic Communities in Renfrewshire are visible, integrated and represented in the fabric of society


  1. Connecting Communities and Challenging Hate (3CH)

The project is funded by the Scottish Government for the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017.  Project we will be supporting the development of self reliance and resilience through increased joint working and partnership, also support the realisation of existing social capital with our stakeholder communities and the ability to move forward and develop their own relationships and areas of work.

Project outcomes:

a)    Young people have increased knowledge of the negative influences that prejudice in all

  1. Youth and Community practitioners have increased skills and confidence to effectively deliver anti-sectarian/hate behaviour work in schools and community settings.
  2. Diverse communities across the West of Scotland have increased oppotunities to work together, to instigate community dialogues and form a community-led network


  1. Minority Ethnic Employment and Training Support (MEETS)

The project is funded by Big Lottery’s for 3 year to 31st March 2018.

The project seeks to deliver an employment and training project which will support people from minority ethnic communities to enhance their prospects within the world of work.

Project Outcomes:

Minority Ethnic individuals who face employment barriers have increased

  • Knowledge on the steps to entering employment and education.
  • Opportunities to engage with diverse employers.
  • Their skills and confidence to enter employment or further education


Training & Policy Development

WSREC offers training opportunities on racial equality and cultural diversity and assistance with equality proofing policies, procedures and practices as well assistance with the equality impact assessment and risk management process.

Organisations who are recently receive training from WSREC include, Glasgow Equalities Partnership, East Ayrshire Council, North Ayrshire Council, Reid Kerr College, Glasgow College for Nautical Studies, South Lanarkshire Restorative Justice, Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School and the Scottish Youth Hostel Association.


External Representation of WSREC

WSREC maintains representation at the following organisations/forums

Glasgow Central Citizens Advice Bureau, Human Rights Consortium Scotland, Glasgow Black Voluntary Sector Network, Black Leaders Network, Scottish Alliance of Regional Equality Council, Scottish Government Cross Party Group on Racial Equality, Glasgow Equality Forum, Common Purpose (Training organisations), Glasgow City Wide Hate Crime Reporting Group, 3rd Party Reporting Network, BME Employment Steering Group, Diabetes Task Force and City of Glasgow College.


If you wish more information or have any questions regarding WSREC’s projects then please do not hesitate to contact our office on:


Napiershall Street Centre

39 Napiershall Street

Glasgow, G20 6EZ


Tel:                  0141 337 6626

Email:             admin@wsrec.co.uk

Website:         www.wsrec.co.uk