Glasgow Equality Forum

Glasgow Equality Forum (GEF) is a City wide strategic policy forum which brings together representatives of voluntary sector equality networks in Glasgow to encourage better co-operation and cross-sector engagement on equality and human rights issues.

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“We acknowledge that the lack of diversity in the voluntary sector is a serious issue that requires action. We commit to tackling discrimination and under representation within our organisation”

THRE – Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities

THRE – Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities, is a new nationwide project led by GCVS in partnership with HTSI and EVOC, and working with Scotland’s TSIs to develop resources, training and networks which support third sector organisations towards taking a human rights and equalities first approach to their organisational development and delivery.

Equality Updates

Equality Updates is an equality and human rights information service. It is provided by Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector.

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