Consultation on Glasgow’s Children’s Services Plan

The consultation ends on 31st January

Glasgow’s Children’s Services Plan sets out the priorities of all the partner agencies for improving children’s services in the city. The next plan is due to be submitted to the Scottish Government on 31st March 2020.

The plan is underpinned by the principles of the UNCRC. The current plan (2017-2020) has five priority areas. These are:

  • Keeping children and young people safe from harm
  • Making sure children and young people are healthy and happy
  • Providing support for families
  • Ensuring children and young people leave school ready for further education or employment
  • Improving life for care experienced children and young people

The plan also notes that Child Poverty is also a key issue in Glasgow that has to be considered in all the priority areas


GCVS’ Everyone’s Children project are working with Glasgow City Council, the Health Board and Glasgow Life to consult with third sector organisations that deliver children’s services across the city  – and to carry out a large scale consultation exercise to get the views of children and young people across the city. This is underway at present and we’ve already had feedback from around 300+ children and young people. Issues coming up include children’s mental health, bullying, the cost of recreation services, the effects of poverty and the right to play.

We are very keen to capture the views of the diverse range of experiences of children and young people, so that the consultation is representative of the population of Glasgow.

The consultation ends on 31st January  – but there is still time to take part. You can

  • To respond as an organisation, please complete the online survey monkey – Available HERE
  • Encourage young people to complete the Twitter survey – on our Twitter account @EC_GCVS.
  • Hold a consultation session with children and young people. If you would like to do this, please contact us at we’ll send you the materials.

Suzie Scott, Everyone’s Children Project Manager, GCVS