Equality Now : Glasgow Disability Alliance 2021 Manifesto

The GDA 2021 Manifesto calls on Scotland’s political parties to pledge urgent actions in the next Holyrood term, to supercharge disabled people’s voices and tackle widening inequality faced by Scotland’s one million disabled people.

Read the GDA announcement of the launch of the Manifesto HERE 

The Manifesto calls on Holyrood electoral candidates to commit to these five pledges:

1: Overhaul Equalities and Human Rights Infrastructure
2. Deliver Health and Social Care that uphold rights and equality
3. Tackle Disability Poverty and Employment Gap
4. Invest in Social Connections & Empowered Communities
5. Co-design an Equal Scotland: embed lived experience

GDA Manifesto 2021 Equality Now (PDF)

COVID-19 Micro Briefing: The disproportionate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on disabled people.