Glasgow City Council Equality Outcomes 2017 – 2021

“These outcomes are not meant to encompass all the work to reduce inequality in the City. Instead they reflect what are considered to be the priorities and form a framework on which the Council will build its equality agenda. Included within the report on the Equality Outcomes is a Statement of Intent that summarises the Council’s broader commitment to equality.”
Ref: Equality Outcomes Glasgow City Council, March 2017

GCC Equality Outcomes 2017 to 2021 (PDF)
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 The 14 outcomes aligned to the four improvement aims are:

Improve Economic Outcomes for People with Protected Characteristics
1. An increased proportion of people with protected characteristics are supported to enter employment or training.
2. Glasgow City Council female employees are supported to overcome any challenges that gender may present.
3. Glasgow City Council employees who experience mental health issues are supported to help them manage any difficulties they experience or barriers they face.
4. The Council Family has an improved knowledge about the demographic makeup of its workforce.

Increase People’s Knowledge about Equality and Fairness
5. The Council Family has developed and delivered a consistent, and where necessary mandatory, approach to raising awareness about equality and diversity.
6. Glasgow City Council has developed a more strategic approach to delivering equality and diversity curriculum in schools that has been developed in partnership with the third-sector and achieves external validation where possible.

Improve Access to Council Family Services by People with Protected Characteristics
7. Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge (Literacy and Numeracy) has resulted in: • Children with learning disabilities have improved attainment • Pupils for whom English is not a first language have improved attainment • Any difference between attainment of males and female pupils is reduced.
8. Service users with protected characteristics are provided with targeted, improved and more accessible information about the services provided by the Council Family.
9. Barriers to participation in arts, learning, physical activity, learning and culture have been reduced for people with people with protected characteristics.
10. People with protected characteristics are more regularly and systematically involved in service delivery design by the Council Family.

Promote and Support Respect for Equality and Diversity
11. The Council Family has visibly promoted and delivered events that promote and celebrate cultural diversity in Glasgow.
12. Glasgow City Council is recognised as an employer that supports its employees who have protected characteristics.
13. Survivors or, and those at risk of, gender-based violence or other targeted abuse are well supported.
14. LGBT, disabled, religious, faith and black and minority ethnic people have increased confidence to report hate crime.