Glasgow Disability Alliance


Tressa Burke

Tel: 0141 556 7103


GDA logoGDA is a vibrant disabled people led organisation with over 5000 Members – the biggest groundswell of disabled people in Europe. GDA is a leading example of a community of interest and identity. Our mission is to build the confidence, connections and contributions of disabled people; our vision is that disabled people can participate fully in their own lives, communities and wider society with the support they need and with choices equal to other people.

Through accessible learning, coaching, events and activities GDA connects disabled people with each other, with opportunities and with decision makers. We recognise talents and strengths and support disabled people to build on these, participate and be leaders in their own lives. GDA supports disabled people of all ages and any type of impairment /disability.

GDA believes in the social model of disability: it is barriers in society and not conditions or impairments that disable us. This liberating model enables disabled people to find solutions to poverty, inequality and exclusion: simply put – the removal of barriers.

Founded on human rights and community development, our approaches:
– Put disabled people at the centre of finding solutions to the barriers they face.
– Support them to take control over their lives, build voices and develop connections and resilience.
– Build capacity for disabled people to influence decisions and drive changes in policies, services and their own lives.

GDA brings the voices and priorities of disabled people directly to policy and decision makers. In Glasgow this includes Glasgow Equality Forum, Health and Social Care Partnership, Community Planning Partnership, Participatory Budgeting, The Poverty Leadership Panel, Adult support and protection service user group, Glasgow Hate Crime Working Group, Third Sector Forum, Glasgow City Council Corporate Policy, Accessible Glasgow and Connected Glasgow amongst others.

In Scotland, GDA are involved in the development of the Scottish Social Security Agency, Participatory Budgeting, The First Minister’s Advisorty Group for Women and Girls, The Scottish Action Group on Isolation and Loneliness, Fairer Scotland for Disabled people, Self Directed Support and reform of Adult Social Care.