Religion, Belief and Equality in Glasgow

Back in 2018, Interfaith Glasgow hosted an event, “Religion, Belief and Equality in Glasgow”.  The event was commissioned by the Glasgow Equality Forum (GEF) to bring together representatives of faith and belief communities and equality organisations to:

  • build the capacity of people of faith and belief and relevant organisations to identify their rights under the Equality Act 2010;
  • discuss how well public sector organisations are meeting people’s religious and belief needs, and allow delegates to share their own experiences.

35 participants from diverse sectors and backgrounds attended this half day event. A training workshop was delivered by Interfaith Scotland explaining religion and belief rights and duties under legislation. Participants came from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Pagan, Humanist communities as well as those with non-religious beliefs. They discussed how well they believe people’s religion and belief needs are being met in Glasgow relating to education, health and social care and workplaces.

Many participants felt that

  • Religion and belief are not discussed often enough and this has a negative effect on services, workers and society generally;
  • There is a general lack of awareness regarding religion and belief rights under equality legislation and limited confidence that these needs will be considered seriously if raised;
  • More education, training and specific dialogue opportunities are needed to increase people’s knowledge and confidence in addressing issues of religion and belief.

Participants were asked whether they thought that “discrimination (direct or indirect) in relation to religion or belief is a problem affecting your community or group”: 18 people answered yes, 6 answered no. 

You can read participant’s views relating to education, health and social care and workplaces, as well as their suggestions for improvements in the Event Report (PDF).

GEF would like to thank Interfaith Glasgow for hosting this event, and to Dr Magdalen Lambkin for writing up the event report.